The United States versus South Korea

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The United States versus South Korea I choose to analyze South Korea and the United States with respect to the four cultural values. Since the two countries have different cultural backgrounds, their analysis is very contrastive. South Korea represents the eastern culture while the United States represents the western culture. Individualism versus collectivism Individualism is where personal ties are loose and individuals look after themselves with own goals to achieve. On the other hand, collectivism is whereby people are united into distinct in-groups, and they take care of each other for certain loyalty (Hofstede 2000). South Korean culture has total collectivism. They are divided into groups, and each member has responsibility for the other. Loyalty is the most important icon and therefore an individual's shame is the society's shame. On the contrary, United States is an individualistic society where people think of themselves and their family members only. Uncertainty avoidance This is the situation where individuals are ready to deal with an unpredictable future. The uncertainty avoidance index measures the level in which different countries can avoid change (Naue & Moller 2010). South Korea has a high uncertainty avoidance score meaning they are not comfortable with the unpredictable future. Dependency on structured rules characterizes them, they are less entrepreneurial and are less likely to take risks. The United States has low uncertainty avoidance. They are entrepreneurs who are ready to take risks, and they do not depend on structured rules. Power distance This can be defined as the level of inequality or equality. In South Korea power distance is high,

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