The U.S.-Mexico Border Wollyball

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The U.S.-Mexico Border Wollyball The border between Mexico and the United States is one of the most active frontiers around the world. The frontier is also among the most significantly monitored and governed areas in the world and a region famously known for numerous deaths of immigrants every year. This photograph, however, portrays a different story by instead showing a seemingly united and peaceful area. Both the United States and Mexican citizens use the wall for a recreation purpose that involves utilizing it as volleyball net commonly referred to as “wollyball.” The U.S.-Mexico frontier is a place that sporadically engages in a more positive recreation, an activity rarely recognized in the world over and among influential individuals due to its fame as a war zone. The U.S.-Mexico border, has, for many decades, been associated with and used for crime and illegal activities, a fact that is responsible for many deaths in the region. Unlawful migrants and drug traffickers among other bandits are some of the individuals known to have lost their lives in the border region. This photograph shows quite the opposite of an area commonly known for its misfortunes and instead reveals unity and peaceful people among citizens from both Mexico and the United States. The U.S.-Mexico wall is about 2,200 miles long, a wall used for leisure at some point in every year (Staufenberg n.p). In fact, “Wollyball” is a common activity or a tradition adopted in Naco, Sonora in Mexico and Naco, Arizona, in the U.S. The wollyball activity happens in April every year, and participating teams are from both the United States and Mexico who engage in this fast-paced type of volleyball.

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