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Name: Professor: Course: Date: How to Be a Host that throws A Successful Child Birthday Party Introduction Throwing a party is not a knee jerk reaction, but is a process that needs a lot of prior planning to make it successful. In normal circumstances, the planning of the party is the work of the host. Hosts plan the parties on behalf of the guest of honors. In a birthday party, the host can be either the father or the mother to the child, and the celebrating child would be the guest of honor. Planning and throwing a successful birthday party would be best carried out in three phases. The first phase is to make decisions, the second is to prepare for the party, and lastly, the third phase involves throwing the party. Phase 1: Deciding the Birthday Party Type and Style A successful party begins from the time the host creates a budget according to the available finances. Sticking to that budget is of prime importance to avoid overspending that would make the host not to enjoy the party, as well as making the party boring if something necessary misses. Also, the budget will help the host to make a decision on the location based on the available cash (Shone 217). When making a choice on location, it should be one convenient to the guest of honor as well as the other guests. Party location can be in the family house or at one of the best friend’s place. If the child is at school, or at work, the host should consider if they would fancy their birthday parties in such places beforehand. The host should also choose a time that is convenient for the guest of honor and the other guests, as well as the other users of the chosen location. The chosen time should ensure

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