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The Changing Nature of Children’s Play around the Globe Student’s Name Instructor Course Institution Date From the scientific and systematic study of human social life, sociologist indicates that the early development is a very crucial stage in molding the future of a child. This is the stage both the physical, social and mental attributes are developed, and an alteration would mean either deterioration or normal advancement to adult stages. According to Kanieski (2007, pg. 272), there are two complementary but distinct ways of visualizing the child. The first is sociological and the other the physiological. He asserts that the successful study of a child requires a complete understanding of the locales where he grows up. It is possible that the environs and nature simply dictate their spontaneous development. One larger contributors of a child’s social, physical and moral stability is playing. The early stages of development from infancy when the child starts to walk to the teenage when they are about to break even to adulthood, is a time when they develop motor, sensory, perceptive and problem-solving skills (Copple, & Bredekamp, 2009, 7). Further, they assume social skills such as the growth of a sense of awareness. It is a time when the physical growth occurs. For so long, children have been engaging in playful activities at the backyard or within the neighborhood. This always happens when they have free time whether after school or on weekends. However, the culture is gradually caving in as the sites are no longer considered safe. The cultural changes have seen the parents become overprotective and in most cases bar the children from being

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