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Name Instructor Course Date My Last Duchess My Last Duchess is a thrilling poem authored by Robert Browning and is set as a psychopathology that is based on an Italian Renaissance Duke, who unfortunately lost his wife via a murder that involved efficient utilization of dramatic monolog. In this poem, Browning explores various styles such as the use of figurative language so as to manifest a real nature of the Duke. Browning also captures literary elements so as to boost woman representation. At the onset of the poem, the Duke admires a well-painted portrait of his wife as he says, “That’s my last Duchess painted on the wall” (Browning & Imtiaz, 1). However, his behavior escalated and was responsible for the death of his Duchess. This is evident as the Duke says, "Much the same smile? This grew; I gave commands...” (Browning & Imtiaz, 1). Browning explores irony as a theme throughout his poem. For instance, Browning, a remarkably amoral man, shows a lovely sense of beauty and close engagement with the listener. This essay is based on an analysis of the poem and majorly explores the perception of the author towards the Duke and her Duchess, as well as how the Duchess views her wife. The Duke’s perception towards her wife was not so good. From the poem, the Duke can be described as a distrusting insecure, nervous man who is openly not proud of her beautiful wife and falls in love with another woman. This is evident as the Duke says, “That piece a wonder, now: Fra Pandolf’s hands” (Poetry N.p) The Duke exempted the Duchess in almost what he did. The Duchess can be described as a little beautiful and happy girl. However, the

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