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Name Instructor Task Date Defender versus Striker in Soccer In football, there are different players whose roles differ depending on the position allotted to each in a soccer game. Every player has a precise role, ranging from defending, midfielders, as well as strikers. The positioning of soccer players in the field illustrates their roles and ensures that the players utilize their different skills in the field. As already noted, some of the players in a team include defenders, strikers, midfielders, and a goalkeeper. This paper contrasts defenders and strikers, how their roles differ in a football match, as well as the aspects that make the two roles different. The role of a defender is to protect the goalkeeper by preventing the ball from getting close to the goalpost. Essentially, a defender prevents the opposing team from scoring. The defending role demands effort, fitness, and a quick player capable of obstructing the opposing. Conversely, a striker is tasked with scoring goals to ensure that his or her team wins. The role of a striker is limited in terms of responsibilities compared to a defender. Therefore, a striker needs to be accurate, capable of controlling the ball, and possess the capacity to score goals. Both defenders and strikers play important roles in soccer. As mentioned previously, a defender precludes the opposing team from scoring while a striker is responsible for scoring goals to ensure that his or her team wins. While both contribute immensely to the effort and success of a soccer team, their roles and abilities differ. For instance, a striker should be swift, possess excellent ball control skills, be able to play with two feet, be

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