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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Ancient Egypt and MesopotamiaMesopotamia civilization is considered the pacesetter for Egypt civilization that started 3000 B.C. The Egyptian civilization benefited much from the technology and trade influences emanating from Mesopotamia. Despite having a common preliminary point, the two civilization differ regarding artistic and cultural achievements. More is known about Egypt due to their monumental building than Mesopotamia despite the latter having a richer heritage (Chadwick, 59). Mesopotamia would not rival Egypt regarding artistic achievements. The availability of stone necessitated the need to produce sculptures and magnificent architectural designs in Egypt. The construction of pyramids characterizes ancient Egypt. They were tall and pointed buildings with sloping sides which were purposely built for the burial of Pharaohs. After placing all the items needed in their afterlife, the tombs were sealed (Assmann, 68). Egyptian architectural achievements reflect their bureaucratic nature of centralizing powers. Pharaoh was the supreme ruler of Egypt and was adored and respected by the community and thus buried in a pyramid. However, some Pharaohs had their pyramids modeled according to their wishes which depict a bureaucratic system of administration. The ziggurats of Mesopotamia were dedicated to the worship of gods. Unlike, the Egyptian pyramids which were built from scratch, the ziggurats are natural but could be modified to suit their purpose through paintings. The Ziggurats of Mesopotamia had a religious significance unlike the Egyptian pyramids built to honor their rulers. Ancient Egypt

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