The Theme of Flight in Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison

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Name: Professor’s Name: Course Number: Date: Flight is a dominant and a critical theme in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon. The writer introduces this theme at the start of the novel through the notion that “the father may soar/and the children may know their name.” Notably, this is the first reference to the theme, and it plays an imperative role in introducing it. Therefore, the theme of flight is what makes Morrison’s book awesome and a must read for lovers of literature. Solomon’s flight helps him escape slavery in the cotton fields in Virginia (Morrison, 110). However, it is also a scar leaves on his wife, Ryna, whom he abandons to take care of twenty-one children alone. Therefore, Song of Solomon uses flight to show that it can help those who are in constricting situations but still it is a scar to those who are left behind. The use of Human flight as a possibility makes this book appealing to the reader. Most importantly, it makes the readers discover that flight is not only grounded in reality as they previously knew. That is why the writer helms from reality to magical and mythological events. Morrison ensures that his audience enters the world of song and imagines a man fly from a hospital building and he makes his falling ambiguous (Furman & Toni, 128). Funny enough, we do not see this flight, and it is not evident how he falls to the earth. As a matter of facts, we are told that the when the individual had his corpse examined, and there was no blood on him, we are taken by surprise. It leaves us wondering if the person, whom we now understand to be Robert Smith, was lucky after all once he decided to fly across Lake Superior. People

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