The Story of an Hour

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Name: Course: Professor: Date: The Story of an Hour In the story, marriage is viewed as an oppressive institution where even the kindest, understanding of couples eventually oppress their partner. This is depicted by Louise, who admitted that her husband was kind and loving but still the institution of marriage curtailed her freedom and in that she felt oppressed (Chopin 2). This is because of the defined gender roles set by society, these women are aware of and how it limits their lives. Simply, the man is the king of the castle while the woman is a servant and nurturer. When she learns that her husband is dead, through Josephine, initially she reacts with the obvious and normal grief associated with such news. But later, when she sits in her room in a comfortable chair, Louise realizes her good fortune in the death of Brently, leaving her an independent woman, free to taste the forbidden fruits. Mrs. Mallard has heart trouble which is a reference to her physical body, but the term is also used to describe the condition in which she finds herself in marriage. She says ‘what does it matter’ dismissing the concept of love because of her heart trouble. Implying that accepting love in marriage would not solve all her heart problems as she will be left with an unhealthy heart. The fear of death looms around Louise’s house and everybody tries to keep her safe and guarded against any shock that could lead to her death. Ironically, people think death will take Louise due to her poor heart condition, as portrayed by Josephine telling her about her husband’s death in the train accident. But after spending time in her airy room where she gazes through the open

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