The Story of a Murderer

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Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind is among many of the novels that have over the years been adapted into films. The novel is about a young boy with a gifted sense of smell, whose birth, upbringing and his sense of smell contribute to the development of his need to kill in order to obtain the scents of others. The background and upbringing of children greatly influence their behaviors and who they grow up to become in future. The novel focuses on the effects that child upbringing and human relations might have on the cognitive and psychological development of individuals. Though the idea of creating a novel-based film sounds easy, the written words that express so much emotion and action may not be expressed in the exact same way in a film. With the limited time that a film is entitled to, filmmakers often find it challenging to incorporate all the concepts and events taking place in a novel in their films which tend to take their films to an entirely different direction as compared to the original concepts in the novel. Tykwer, the director of the film Perfume: The Story of a Murderer omitted and modified some of the scenes in the novel which ultimately affected the way the main character, Grenouille, is perceived by the audience, causing pity towards him rather than the inhuman and cruel character depicted in the novel. Similarities between the novel and the movie Both the novel and the movie open with a brutality and gloom mood that prepares the audience for the impending events. In both cases, the audience is taken through the misery that is Grenouille’s life, his suffering and his immoral quest for love. Suskind begins the novel with

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