The State of the American Dream

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The State of the American Dream A term coined many decades back instilling hope in the hopeless American Society, “American Dream,” revived the desire of the world into an optimistic America. However, with many elapsed decades the question remains is the dream alive or dead? The world looks onto the American society as an accurate reflection of the commercial standards proving a substantial justification for the liveliness of the American dream. Even though there are various debates on the cases of employment and unresolved racial discrimination, the comparison of the American economy with the outside world affirms that the American dream is still alive. Despite the current racial disparities and the derailing middle class, America remains the center of success. After many years of struggle America has only managed to minimize the rates of racial discrimination. The American society still experiences racial disparities as different ethnic groups’ efforts to meet their personal interests at the expense of other communities. America through ages been guided by various presidential leaders who have instituted different laws to mitigate the incidences of racial discrimination. However, it is ironical realizing that undermining of these statutes happens within the judicial systems that are supposed to be the saviors of the minority groups. As reported by a recent survey carried out by the Pew Research Center about 45 percent of the Americans agree that America has established measures to eradicate racial disparities while 49 percent demand for more work to be carried out (PewResearchCenter par. 1). Furthermore, the report states, “about two-thirds of black respondents

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