The Spanish Encounter the Native Americans

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Spanish Encounter of Native Americans Voyagers from Spain were certainly the first foreigners to set foot on the Americas. After a war with the Moors, the Queen of Spain saw it unfit to wage war against its neighboring European Empires since it has lost a larger part of its army in the war that occurred in Europe during the medieval times (Paul, par. 1). There are some reasons for the expedition to which the Queen of Spain sanctioned, these included; search for new land to cater for Spain’s ever growing population, search for resources and minerals and the need to look for fertile lands for farming. The ship under the leadership of Christopher Columbus left the port of Granada in the search for new lands in 12th May 1492. Columbus and his crew reached the Americas (the new land) on 11th October of the year 1492 (G.Edward, 23-24). Their arrival at the new property was received with both Joy as well as sadness considering the existence of hostile Natives of the Americas. The inhabitants or the natives of the Americas to which Columbus’s crew met described as being tall, with curled hair, had handsome men and the women were also beautiful. After Columbus’s return to mainland Europe and delivering the message to the Queen of Spain about the existence of a new land (The Americas), many other expeditors followed. Most Spanish Voyages expedited to Central American and some parts of the North, the modern empires of the Americas such as the Inca of the Andes were conquered, and new populations arrived in both North America and South America. The South was mostly occupied by Europeans of Spanish and

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