The significant role of Black press during civil right movements in Northern States

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: “Role of the Black Press during the Civil Rights Movements in the Northern States” The American “civil rights movement” in the northern states evolved out of the desire to protest against racial profiling and discrimination. It was deeply rooted in the resistance efforts among African slaves and their descendants through the centuries against the oppression, and abolishing slavery. The movement spanned through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to have their civil rights securely protected within the constitution using non-violent protests. A majority of the blacks viewed the Civil War as “an opportunity to free the enslaved with a Union victory” (McGruder N.p) whose reflection was in the traditional black press that was growing across the entire northern states. Books played a significant role in the influence and addition of knowledge regarding the civil rights movement to the general populace (Minzesheimer N.p). After World War II, massive changes would take within the black press, with the newspapers laying the foundations for the movement. The press in its entirety achieved an “increasing visibility, uncompromising political activism, and recognition of its journalistic excellence” (Cunningham N.p). The mainstream press too took queue, with an integration of the staffs with the some of the best black reporters. The Black press advocated for antislavery before the civil war, emancipation after the war and the rebuilding of African-American communities, and subsequently warning them of any imminent danger. This paper argues forth that the black press played a significant role in the success of the civil

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