The shinning and IT novel by stephan king

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Name Institution Course Date‘The Shinning and It Novel By Stephan King’ Introduction Stephen King is one the best-selling author of all times. He is a renowned novelist who has made an impact in the writing fraternity across the globe. Much of his work involves the application of themes relating to power, childhood trauma, and ugliness. A common theme analyzed in this analysis pertains to the aspect of social setting as presented by instances of horror experiences. It is an extension to the advancement of human fantasies. Key segments covered include an overview of ‘The Shinning’ and ‘It.’ There is the analysis of the life of Stephen King, his contribution, social influences, the genre of horror, and determinant to the choice between the two novels. At the end of the essay is the evaluation of criticism of the work of Stephen King. The role of this essay is to elucidate on the social contributions of the author with concrete evidence from his work. Overview of ‘The Shinning’ Novel ‘The Shinning’ is the work by Stephen King. It is part of the horror novel that was published way back in the year 1977 (Allbaugh, 2). The book was considered as the best hardback bestseller by King, contributing largely to the success of the author as a distinguished playwright in the genre of horror writing. The book starts with the interview of Jack Torrance who is set to assume the position of a caretaker at Hotel Overlook. It later emerges that Jack would be given the job of manning the hotel in winter by the manager, Ullman. The center of the plot is from the family of Jack Torrance. It includes his son (Danny), and his wife (Wendy). His family is forced to settle at

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