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The Inc. is a production company that manufacturers Vanilla Extract Pure. The key chemical used in this production is Ethyl Alcohol 200 proof which is highly flammable and can have adverse effects when it comes to contact with human or animal body. The Lab has clearly outlined some safety measures to help in case of any direct contact with this chemical. The lab has also been designed in such a way that in the case of any fire, the reaction time to put it out is minimized. This is through the installation of automated sprinklers and heat sensors. There is also multiple refrigerators that help in keeping Ethyl Alcohol 200 proof cool at all times. The key problem is that all the safety requirements, according to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), have not been met. This Internal Memo will, therefore, try to pinpoint the safety loopholes and offer possible solutions. The first risk is that only 75% of the lab is fitted with automated sprinklers. This is not right according to NFPA 13 which states that a company that deals with flammable chemicals should be completely fitted with automated sprinklers. These sprinklers will help put out a fire at any point within the company premises. The assumption that the sprinklers should only be fitted in areas where the chemical is actively used is wrong. The essential question is ‘What would happen if fire starts at a point where sprinklers are not fitted considering the fact that the company stores highly flammable chemicals?' This situation should be rectified by ensuring that every part of Science. Lab premises is fitted with automated sprinklers. This will help in protecting the company properties and

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