The Rule of Law

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Student’s name Instructor’s name Law Date Rule of Law The rule of law is a depiction accepted in many quarters around the around the world. Many nations have a consensus or agreement that ratifies the supremacy of law, within the precincts of international law or based on statutes enacted by the nation. The debate between proponents and critics expounds on the significance of the supremacy of law in the modern society. However, it is incorrect to discuss the subject without proper evaluation of the modification of the supremacy of law across all continents. Objectively, the rule of law implies as a standard or principle accepted by citizens to govern the subjects without making arbitrary decisions. Dicey, a British jurist, promoted the utilization of the phrase across the globe through the jurist proposition of the components of the rule of law (Keeling, Michael and Thomas 4). Framers of most constitutions in Western Europe have followed in the footsteps of the USA, entrenching the concepts of the supremacy of law in the society. Weaknesses exist in democracies that may affect the implementation of the legal regulation. The World Justice Project enumerates that the rule of law is determined by upholding fundamental principles such as accountability by all agents, clear laws, efficient implementation of the law and timely implementation of the law. The principles echo both subjective and objective definitions of the law, with the precincts of legislation in the world. Evolution of the Rule of Law Diverse nations implemented the precincts of the rule of law, without using the same phrase. China, Greece, Romans and Mesopotamia advocated for the rule of law,

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