The Role of Women in the Things They Carried

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The book is by O’Brien Tim and is an illumination of people who get involved in war and how they suffer its effects. Like any other war, it is mostly women who are largely affected considering the fact that they are left with the responsibility of taking care of children at home as their counterparts struggle in the fight. Some of them as they try to flee from the effects of war they lose they beloved ones. And sometimes when the war is very fierce, they keep encouraging their men. A case in example is when a lady writes to Jimmy informing him to take care, but she is too cautious to mention about the war (Hanna 78). This is a clear illustration of major role women play. They learn to live with their grief and even when sometimes in life things don't seem to be okay; they are always there to protect and support their loved ones. No one can ever understand the pains that other people go through unless they are subjected to the same experiences (Conan 67). Some of these people are driven by the idea of curiosity and get involved in events which they would otherwise have escaped or avoided. Mary Ann is a good example of this. She was brought to the town as an innocent girl but later failed to maintain her image and got swayed away by the town activities. (O’Brien 89). Being in her teenage years, she had strong feelings for Fossie; little did she know her love would lead her into tragedies that would never be explained. However, she is a representative of women left back at home with their husbands as they go to fight. These women have no idea of the difficulties they go through. It is only by experience, Marry Ann gets to learn some of the troubles. Through her, the

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