The role of Pharmacists and Physicians

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The role of Pharmacists and Physicians Pharmacists are health care specialists who practice in pharmacy. Their role in the maintenance of human health is vital; they are found whole over the world.With the increase in human diseases, and opportunistic infections, utilization of clinical pharmacist has gone up beyond the expectations. They have sacrificed themselves in service of humanity. Onto the patient care, they provide the following services; Medication services; this is a group of services that optimize the therapeutic outcomes of individual patients, this includes collection of medical and drug histories from patients, Medication reconciliation; this entails the comprehensive evaluation of a patient's medication regimen if a change in therapy occurs with the aim of avoiding medication errors mainly omissions, drug interactions and dosing errors, as well as observation of compliance and adherence patterns. Preventive services; pharmacists take substantial roles in preventive care, majorly as advocates for screening for main diseases and through promotion during vaccine administration. Education and behavioral counseling; pharmacists provide targeted advice in outpatient settings and community pharmaceutics; they offer coaching programs in value-based insurance designs,( Higgins & Field 2012). Physicians are professionals who practice medicine; they play a major role in the diagnosis of diseases and treatment of injuries. In today’s health system, they are accessed well. However, instances of imbalances in the physicians to patients ratio are observed, they do more than expected as their number is much less than the sick patients. The steps that can be taken

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