The Role of Media

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The Role of Media Media plays a vital role in our lives since it has a great influence in people’s ways of life. It connects people with different scenarios in the globe and informs us on various things like history, entertainment, news and much more. Media consists of newspapers, televisions, magazines, radio, etc. In the recent past, these have been used to shape the political landscape of various countries. For instance, it can be used to influence the citizens in an upcoming presidential election. We rely on the media as the major source of information. It implies that the media also influences what we buy since it is often used to carry out advertising which is flashed before our eyes several times. Media also plays a role in shaping our morals and beliefs (Bullard 171-172). For instance, young children tend to emulate things they watch on televisions hence it also influences our social ways of life. In the recent years, media productions have been very creative due to stiff competition in the industry. The creativity has been achieved in various ways. The media has been able to discover new ideas and concept to make their contents more appealing to their consumers. The industry has managed to generate and reorganize how imaginative and best practices can be applied to various situations. For instance, most businesses currently use the media to creatively advertise their services. The viewer/listener/reader of media productions have been able to engage in creative activities as a result of the participatory culture that has replaced consumer culture. Participatory culture is a culture where private individuals are not only consumers but also contributors. Recent

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