The Role of Ideology in Fueling Ethnic Conflicts

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Name Institution Course Date Race Ideology in Fueling Ethnic Conflicts The Rwandan genocide is one of the most widely discussed genocide to have happened that incorporated massive bloodshed among the people of the same country within a very short period. The genocide left more than one million people dead the incorporated women, children, and men who were slaughtered in only less than four months (Batware, 1). In 1994, these inhuman attacks happened, and the genocide incorporated a conflict between the Hutus majority and the Tutsi minority (Batware, 1). Though the genocide is blamed on ethnic animosity, there is a belief that colonial ideologies played a major role in fueling the ethnic tensions. Rwanda was colonized by Belgium and before their departure in 1959, the colonialists were seen to be favoring the Tutsis regarding education and development compared to their countrymen the Hutus (Batware, 1). Consequently, the Belgians had established a model of identification cards which was used to identify one's ethnic background. This led to increased tribal segregation. This ethnic ideology led to the overthrowing of the Tutsi king and subsequently formation of the Hutu government in 1962 (United Nations, 1). The overthrowing of the Tutsi King led to the death of more than 150,000 Rwandese in the years that followed while others fled the country (United Nations, 1). The children of those who went into exile and established a resistance or militia group to oppose the government. The group comprised of the Tutsis mainly since they were the ones who had been targeted by the earlier violence. They came back to Rwanda with the ideology of good governance, the return of

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