The Role of Government in Healthcare

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Role of Government in Healthcare Name Institution Governments are continuously under pressure to ensure the wellbeing of their citizens, and healthcare is one facet through which such goals can be achieved. Citizens look forward to a time when the government becomes the main payer of healthcare services, but this is not practical because as human nature dictates, some individuals would abuse this privilege. Hence, governments are always involved in reforming healthcare systems to meet the demands of its people. Despite the fact that it is a topic which is specific to different countries and receives contention as people pose different ideas on how the government should be involved in healthcare, this paper will provide insights on the predefined roles of government in healthcare and whether governments are fulfilling these roles. Evidently, the government should be intensively involved in the provision of high-quality and safe healthcare to its citizens. It is until recently that the Obamacare fulfilled the pertinent role of the government, which is often ignored in most countries. According to Mor (2015), the government should device mechanisms to ensure that even the poor in society can access safe and quality healthcare. Hence, there are debates regarding the role of the government in healthcare because it rarely fulfills its purpose (s). On a different role, this may not be entirely true for the poor people, who can access basic healthcare that was inaccessible prior to the establishment of the Obamacare. In the United States, the government fulfills its role as a financial conduit because, considering the tax subsidies that promote coverage in health

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