The Renaissance in women

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The world underwent massive transformation between the fourteenth and seventeenth century; this period was termed as the renaissance because of human perspective regarding art, education and literature were reborn. The renaissance is therefore termed as the time frame that characterized the new beginning in human beings by crossing from the Middle Ages to what is termed as the modern history. Europe as a continent was marked by numerous changes regarding humanity. One factor that needs to be put into consideration is whether both genders underwent the rebirth or was the transformation prejudiced in various ways. Different people have different opinions regarding the transformation of humanity, and it is my belief that both men and women changed their Middle Aged perspectives regarding literature, art or education. The rebirth of men was probably rapid than that of the women, but this does not imply that women did not undergo the renaissance. A question that needs to be answered is whether women experienced the revival or men were the only lucky parties to be a part of the transformation. In the Middle Ages, women were regarded with prejudice because there was a tendency to associate them with inferiority, witchcraft and being disorderly. Before the Renaissance, women were viewed as weak beings that would not be related to social status granted to men. Power and success could only be linked to men rather than the women who were viewed as inferior due to the negative characters attached to their gender. No matter the diverse views people hold regarding the Renaissance, women were pivotal during the rebirth of humanity in Europe. Women like Christine de Pizan, Lady Jane

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