The relationship of how modern culture affects the development of an artist work and craft.

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Name: Institution: Course: Date: The Influence of Modern Culture on Art The position of art in the society is one that has been established over time. Art plays various purposes in the society such as telling a story, documenting certain events, capturing the beauty, exhibiting creativity among many others. The type of art produced is also subject to a lot of other factors such as the culture of people, any significant ongoing events, the economic environment of a place, and the period the work of art and craft is being made. Modernism has played a vital role in influencing the works of art and craft to what they are at the moment. The era of modernity is said to have started in the onset of the 20th Century. However, there are diverse opinions about when the era ended where some scholars say it went beyond the 1960’s while others say it ended during the Second World War (MILDRED LANE KEMPERART MUSEUM, 1). Despite this, the influence of Modernity on the works of art and craft is beyond reproach. The paragraphs that follow will illustrate the impact of modernity on the works of art and craft produced during the era along with other key aspects of art. Among the various artist of the modern era, John Stezaker stands out. John Stezaker was an artist whose work reflected the modern period when he lived. The earliest forms of art which may be dated back to the 15th and 16th centuries were mostly portraits painted by artists or sculptures. However, this forms of art were very expensive and were mostly made to capture the imperial rulers that lived during that period. Looking back at this ancient period and also the period that Stezaker lived, one aspect stands

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