The Reflective Essay

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Reflective Essay Reading and essay writing provides one with a tranquility that only the comfort of books can offer. It particularly allows you to focus on your thoughts and your view on the certain subject. The different essays that I have written in this course have enabled me to develop my writing skills in terms of creativity, analytical thinking, and critical thinking. A comparison of the essays that I wrote before going through this course and those that I have written while undertaking this course showcase a growth in my creativity and skills as a writer. This essay provides a reflection of the improvement in my writing skills and the general growth that can be seen in my essays in terms of creativity, critical thinking and other writing skills that I have developed over the course of the semester. Before beginning any essay, I usually take a few minute to conceptualize the topic and critically think about what I want to write followed by a short outline of what I want to write about in each paragraph. In the essays that I have written this semester, I noted the importance of taking a few minutes before writing to thing about the topic, conceptualize it and come up with a short guiding outline as it ensured that I did not slip off-topic or venture more into one aspect of the essay than the others. Pre-thinking before writing my essays enables me to come up with a few ideas that I may want to incorporate in my essay, write them down and then select those that appeal to me the most. I consider this one of the most valuable skills that all writers should develop as it ensures production of good quality which is

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