The Reasons For Studying International Violence

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How do they conflict with the goals of peace studies theory? The study of international violence takes organized violence as its primary focus. In other words, it involves the studying the steps that individual may take while applying international violence. Most importantly, the study focuses on ways of protecting nations and people from organized violence. Beginners in this study learn about types of weapons, effective strategies, the interface between humans and arms, and individual/group motivation. The study also helps in understanding causes of war, nuclear tactics, and military policy among others. In other words, the study of international violence helps us deal with all types of conflicts ranging from interpersonal to global level. Some of the course that students take while studying international violence challenge them to come up with skills that help in creating self-awareness and improving communication skills. The peace studies theory enables us to comprehend the dynamics of peace and conflict. It also explains why individuals contribute to the creation of calm and just conditions at home, at work and in the world. On the other hand, students choose from many courses, for instance, those that explore theories on war and terrorism while the study of international violence. Through the peace studies theory, students learn the antiquity of peace efforts and peace-keeping social organizations, human rights as well as community-based management and resolution of conflict. However, the goals of the Peace Studies Theory are to encourage peaceful coexistence by way of proving that peace can be restored in in places where it does not exist. However, this conflict

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