The Reality of Economy

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John Perkins uses the “Confessions of Economic Hit Man” to reveal the reality of economy. He reveals that the modern realm uses economic crises in the foreign countries to conquer them. The countries are persuaded to receive large loans for financing construction and engineering projects. These projects may be electric systems, Roads, power plants, among others. These countries economic growth is very slow, and therefore they cannot be strong to repay the huge loans. Consequently, the countries are unable to pay the large loans hence their fate is always on the clemency of creditors. These creditors may be International Monetary Fund, USAID or World Bank among others (Confessions of an Economic Hitman - John Perkins | Short Documentary, n.d.). All the creditors are owned by the United States and therefore, the United States government can enquire about the indebted countries for favors. These favors may be oil, a military base abroad or a United Nations vote. This is the way and techniques the contemporary realm is using to conquer the world. The contemporary empire is influencing the world that people live. However, it keeps the people detached from reality. John, who finds himself in life coincidences, compromises his feelings and seals deals. He doesn't have proficiency in creating foreign economic predictions. However, he gets a job in an engineering and consulting group. He performs duties according to the company's wishes, indicating a massive economic growing, which is not the country's real situation. He knows that he is not serving people but only causing more harm to them. He keeps on convincing himself that he is just doing the job. However, his conscience

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