The Push and Pull of Human Migration

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Student’s name Instructor’s name Course Date The Push and Pull of Human Migration. Mexico's net immigration rate in 2017 was approximate -1.8 migrants per one thousand population ("The World Factbook — Central Intelligence Agency"). Most people in Mexico speak Spanish, and their culture resolves religious values and the church in which they believe that the family is the most significant value in society. Economic growth of Mexico is about 2% annually, and it depends on the manufacturing sector. Natural disasters, crime rates and poverty are some of the push factors while the pull factors include better jobs from manufacturing industries and low crimes due to better policing. In India the net immigration rate was at the level of 0 migrants per 1000 population in 2017. It is regarded as the birthplace of Buddhism, and Hinduism religions and most people do not speak Hindi. India economy is diverse ranging from farming, handcrafts and wide range of industries hence attracting more people to the country. Unemployment and terrorism are some of them push factors. The net migration rate in China was -0.4 migrants per 1000 population in 2017 in the estimate. Some of the religions in China include Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, and Catholicism and they have a standard Chinese language or Mandarin. Its economy grew faster after adopting market-oriented systems hence attracting many people to do business. High living standards and discrimination are some of the push factors. In 2017, the net migration rate of Philippines was -2 per 1000 population. English and Filipino are the main languages while their region is made of Christians and Muslims. Its economic growth has

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