The push and pull of French Canadiens

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Name Instructor TaskDate The Push and Pull of French Canadiens French Canadiens are an ethnic group that traces its roots to French colonists from the 17th century, especially the ones who settled in Canada. The expansion of the French Canadian colonies in North America in the mid-18th century saw them colonize many regions and towns, a factor that explains the high number of French Canadians in North America today (Bélanger 2). Hundreds of thousands French Canadiens settled in the U.S., especially in the New England region between 1840 to the beginning of the 20th century (Bélanger 2). The New England region comprised of cities such as Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire. The immigrants predominantly worked in farmlands and industrial shops that were common in Vermont (Lamarre et al. 16). Even so, the period between the 1870s and 1880s experienced a massive migration of the French Canadiens to Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, with some of them moving to Connecticut. Industrialization and railway ties in North Eastern U.S. catalyzed the migration as well as the emerging textile towns (Lamarre et al. 17). In view of the foregoing, it is important to highlight the push and pull factors of French migration into America. The migration from Quebec to New England involved both short- and long-distance migration in the southern part of Northern England. One of the reasons for this massive migration was the pull of industrialization in the southern New England regions. This transition meant that the French-Canadiens were influenced by the nature of the labor markets because they were moving from an agrarian society to an industrialized economy (Bélanger 3).

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