The Purpose of this Research

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The Purpose of this Research The main objective of this research was to look into whether primary hypolactasia could be prevalent in and among a given population of the Finnish people above the age of 20 years. Hypolactasia in its own is a condition chiefly understood by lactase enzyme deficiency. This is whereby there is a lack of digestion and absorption of lactose within the small intestine. Since it has been properly documented that most of the individuals suffer from primary hypolactasia below the age of 20, this research introspect was conducted to convey evidence that hypolactasia could also be found in individuals above the age of 20. The test subjects were to be the age above 20 to obtain a unique and relevant result for current and future referencing. It is there true to state that this research was, in essence, trying to close a scientific gap that was not yet revealed by other scientists during research. Methodology used in the Research At first, the research was conducted with the help of lactose tolerance test with alcohol also simply abbreviated as LTTE. Then a process of elimination and inclusion of subjects with whom to carry out the research was done whereby some 42 subjects were selected from a large figure of 456 subjects. The 42 subjects seemed qualified and highly efficient for the research (consisted of 15 males and 27 females). This research had few changes as compared to other researches done a while back in that it had smaller amounts of ethanol used (i.e. 300 mg/kg body weight) and also used the peroxidase method in galactose analysis since it was the method conducive in the University Central Hospital of Helsinki laboratory. To recant on the

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