The Public Enemy

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Name Professor Course Date The "The Public Enemy" film analysis. The film by the title "The Public Enemy" is a pre-code movie produced and distributed by Warner Bros. The movie was managed by William A. Wellman also of other stars such as Jean Harlow, Edward Woods, Cagney, Joan Blondell as well as Donald Cook. The film is all about a young man who has risen in the criminal underworld in America (A. Wellman 22). The supporting players were Beryl Mercer, Mae Clarke, and Murray Kinnell. The film has brought out the real picture we are living today in all aspects of economics, socially, technology-wise through the actors such as Tom power and Mae Clarke as shown below The modern cinema has consistently glamorized the gangster's life. For the case of the "public enemy" film of 1931, which is one of the oldest crime classics, it doesn’t show the spectacular light as well the prestigious life of the thugs, in fact, the thug's life is evidently clear from the film as sympathetic one (A. Wellman 23). According to Tom Powers, the main character in the movie, money as well as the extravagance live will only come when one breaks the laws. However, the dire consequences of such an occurrence are never more evident as in the unexpected, abrupt as well as a disquieting conclusion. By being the pioneer of a mobster movie, the role played by Tom Powers (Cagney) has repeatedly been in most of Warner Bros film. The film “Public Enemy” acted as an eye opener and a compelling one though its overall story seems unfulfilling regarding length and the influence of the substantial epics. Despite the fact that the film is first and the most inspiring one it has net featured well in

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