The Promotion of Health and Well-Being at Work

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The Promotion of Health and Well-Being at Work Name Institutional Affiliation The Promotion of Health and Well-Being at Work The primary reason for promoting health and wellness is to enhance the wellbeing of those at work. Responding to the health and wellness needs of employees play vital roles in improving their abilities to respond to the demands of the organization. Reliable evidence links higher productivity to a healthier workforce (O'Donnell, 2001). Employers who have programs that are concerned with the wellness of their employees reflect a positive culture and reputation to prospective employees outside the organization. The direct costs of poor health and working environment are reflected through workplace diseases and injuries. Creating health and wellness programs play critical roles in impacting the physical and psychological health of workers. The work of the police involves a lot of stress and situations that expose them to health problems. The creation of a policy that seeks to promote wellness amongst officers is critical in enabling them to attain the objectives of their work. Wellness programs offer a platform upon which the officers can promote healthy lifestyles and make healthier life choices. The occupational fatality rate is considered at three to five times greater than that of the average working nation (Senjo, 2011). The risks that the officers face imply that the respective states in the European Union must put in place relevant initiatives to protect officers against being incapacitated emotionally, mentally, and physically against the hazards that they face at work. Officers also need to be in good health to enable them to respond

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