The Process of Thinking of the Characters in Dubliners

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Name Professor Class 25 December 2016 The Process of Thinking of the Characters Introduction The book Dubliners by James Royce is a series of short stories that describe life in the early twentieth century Dublin Ireland. Each story is unique in the fact that all the characters live in and around the capital. The underlying theme is how each character interacts with other characters in the each story with respect to religion, class and represents some basic values about life on the streets and missed opportunities. Each character feels some loneliness and regrets about love and lost opportunities. “The stories collectively present a direct, sometimes searing view of the city of Dublin in the twentieth century,” (Hall, 1). This statement is true. These next paragraphs will depict what is in the minds of each short story that addresses the feelings and views of the protagonists. THE SISTERS The character in this story is about a young boy experiencing the death of someone he knows for the first time. Father Flynn is deteriorating in health due to a series of strokes (Joyce, 1). He thinks no movement equals death. The boy listens to the adults discuss the priest and is confused about why Old Cotter thinks of the priest as “odd” because of the friendship with the boy. He has dreams about it that he feels that the friendship was abnormal. AN ENCOUNTER The story is about two boys’ day out while playing hooky from school (Joyce, 1). When a strange man starts up a conversation, the boys are creeped-out when the man talks about sweethearts the progress to whipping boys like them. Mahoney and the narrator’s inner sense of danger kick in. They feel fear and

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