The Possible Success Of Engineers In The Political Field

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Abstract This is an augmentative paper whereby we discuss the possible success of engineers in the political field. It has been a common notion that engineers are professionally orientated which means that they have no say in political issues due to their poor argumentative knowledge. This notion is however, proved wrong by the Chinese president and prime minister who are both engineers and have made China a globally recognized economy. Having pushed China to being the second superpower in the world ahead of Britain and other European nations, the engineer president in China has proved that the engineering profession is key to success of the United States contrary to the popular belief that lawyers and academicians are best suited to handle politics. Engineers and Politics Introduction With the current trend in the world, it is evident that Engineers are the new world leaders who probably will take over the world shortly. China has taken the early lead by ensuring that most of its elected leader's engineers. This has happened mainly because the Chinese president is an engineer and therefore he had to surround himself with likeminded individuals who in this case are engineers. This is opposed to the mentality in the United States whereby most of the politician are lawyers with the popular belief that lawyers are best suited to make better political decisions from the law point of view. This paper seeks to prove that engineers are practically skilled as opposed to lawyers who are only good with words and therefore electing an engineer to a political office will lead to the development of the nation as seen in China where both the President and the Prime Minister are

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