The Plight of Minority Groups in America

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Minority groups in America face numerous challenges when it comes to social and financial environments. The article Just Walk on by written by Brent Staples explores the experience of a young black man in Manhattan. He grew up in the ghetto and managed to reach a graduate level while living in New York. The fact that he was now a Black man surrounded by fearful Whites made his life hard. More so, he developed techniques to survive various instances of intimidations. Jose Antonio Vargas came up with an article detailing his experience as an undocumented immigrant in America. The young man faced issues of getting a driver’s license, college education, employment, and a life partner out of fear. Vargas was forced to consider his citizen status whenever he made personal and professional decisions. Vargas and Brent apply unique techniques to give clear and concise illustrations of how it feels to be a minority in U.S.A. In effect, these two authors exhibit various instances of rhetoric techniques such as analogy, parallelism, onomatopoeia, understatement, and anaphora to explain challenges face by minorities. Brent Staples iterates the irony of a situation where a woman runs away from him using an analogy. He says that he is a “softy who is unable to knife a raw chicken” leave alone mug a woman in the streets (313). The comparison is rhetoric because the reader learns about the feeble nature of the author without direct reference. In fact, the narration of his response under a direct situation is used as a defensive mechanism. Nonetheless, the incidence becomes worrisome because he feels that he is part of the problem. He thinks that if he was another person, the woman

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