The Piano Movie

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The Piano Movie Movies often use music to set the mood or communicate a certain message to the audience that would not be communicated in any other way. The combination of music and visual art brings the desired entertainment and important lesson to the people. Certain movies are created to display the message in a song in a functional way that is relatable to the audience. A director of a movie can use the entire song and place different segments to various scenes of the movie. Musical movies, especially movies whose focus is on music and specific musical instruments such as the piano teach the society the importance of music. The piano, for instance, is one of the movies that has inspired non-musical people in a positive way as they watch the passion that Ada, the main character, has towards her piano. Love being one of the main themes in the movie has been displayed so well by the use of the piano thus encouraging non-pianists to love and support the art. The piano is a movie based on a mute pianist and her daughter. The two move to New Zealand for an arranged marriage but ending up losing everything including the piano. Ada, played by Holly Hunter is so in love with her piano that she chooses to trade all she has just t acquire the musical instrument. The beginning of the movie gives the audience the idea that the musical instrument is so important to the pianists. To Ada, the piano is the tool that she uses to achieve the unspoken needs in her life. The movie features Holly Hunter, Sam Neil, Kerry walker and Harvey Keitel. The movie was produced in 1993 under the directorship of Jane Campion. The main theme of the movie is love; love between people and the love that

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