the person i am today and the influences that helped shape the person i am today

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Number: Date: Human Growth and Development It is said that change is the most constant thing in human life. That is undeniable. Most of the times, change and growth are gradual. We did not just wake up one day and found ourselves the way we are today. On the contrary, we have been molded into the people we are by the environment and events in our lives. It is barely noticeable in the short term, but looking back over a period of ten years, I am not the same person that I was. Apart, from the apparent biological changes, there has been a significant change in character, principles, attitude, and mentality (Alexander and Langer 31-3). Today, I see myself as an individual of respectful and robust character. A person who develops a vision and pursues it aggressively. I have confidence in doing my best in every endeavor. Some of my most outstanding characteristics are my focus and resilience. Once I set a goal, I don't allow any detractors to halt my progress. I am also a person of principle. I avoid taking duplicitous stands on issues. I like making my position known. Furthermore, I have learned to avoid making a false promise. My word is always a covenant. I interact freely with other people, irrespective of their age, race, or class. People say am kind and compassionate. All those traits are a sum of what I have gone through and who I have interacted with. If I were to choose the factors that had the most significant effect on my life, I would choose my family. Other factors that have had considerable influence include friends, the society, books, and school. In addition to that, I can name a few experiences that left

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