The Performance Interview

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Name Instructor Course Date The Performance Interview In most cases, employees are expected to go beyond the call of duty for the primary objective of achieving organizational goals. Employees are human resources and form the most fundamental resource in any organization. Therefore, ultimate productivity is also expected. However, different companies use different strategies and philosophies while determining compensation rates. Compensable factors in an employment relationship include the level of skill and knowledge, effort, roles and responsibilities, and working and prevailing market conditions. Some of the determining factors include legal requirements, the role played by an employee and the market conditions of various professionals such as competition and availability. Organizational compensation philosophies are meant to standardize compensations for employees and outlines the incidences where compensation variations might occur, such as pay structures, and salary allocation. This essay serves as a performance interview evaluation and analysis report of how, according to research findings, different companies adopt different philosophies of performance review, as well as the resultant methods these companies use to determine compensation rates for their employees. Evaluation of information obtained from all the four organizations (two profit-making and two non-profit making) showed that the companies reward compensations on both personal and group basis. First, the organizations offer individual performance rewards such as overtime pay for work done past the required time, commissions, and financial rewards for outstanding performers over specific

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