The paper explores Paul’s experiences in the Book of Galatians

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It incorporates an epistolary examination due to Paul’s use of letters to communicate God’s word. There is a focus on Jesus’ crucifixion; creating a relationship between His death and the sins of human beings. The primary message in this paper, however, revolves around the issue of servant’s inheritance in Galatians (3:16, 18, 3:26–29, 4:1–7; 4:27–31) Even in understanding the situation after Jesus Christ’s death, this paper offers insight about Paul’s exploration of Israel before his death. Paul’s impact on understanding the Isaianic servant is showcased in Galatians 1:4. It also encourages individuals to delve deeper into the varied depictions of Israel. The issue of servant inheritance as the primary concern in this paper, however, shows Jesus’ significance in saving human beings from their sins. Through the discussion, the paper offers an understanding of slavery. The integration of Exodus' experiences of slavery is useful in portraying the oppression faced by the people. They were suffering due to their sins and disobedience to God. As the paper shows, it would be worthwhile to experience another Exodus; so as to advocate for righteousness. The Galatians, as described by Paul, suffered greatly because they were enslaved and exiled. Through Paul’s encounter with the Galatians, it is clear that human beings are often punished for their sins. Jesus Christ was crucified to save people from their immoral and perverse nature. It is, therefore, important for them to follow God’s word so as to live peacefully. The letters used by Paul were effective in spreading righteousness among the Galatians. This theme of inheritance is indeed a figurative

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