The Origins of War and Terms of Peace

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The Origins of War and Terms of Peace This article written by Jack S. Levy in 1998 is an analysis and assessment of writing in political science regarding causes of warfare and the condition for peace. This review examines the relevant theories, their significant variables, the primary paths resulting to war, and the circumstances on which this effect is most probable to happen. It also considers the level of verifiable support for various concepts and hypotheses concerning war and resolutions. It goes further to examine the primary research programs on original causes of war and expansion of conflicts. The analysis focuses majorly on the equitable power theories, power transition concepts, and the connection in economic interdependence and theories of conflict, national coalitional systems, and deciding under risk and insecurity (Levy 139). What needs to be considered is the question of how to explain the variations in conflict and resolution as to the origin of warfare. Why does war occur in that particular time and not any other time, between specific nations, under specified political leaders instead of others, in some historical and cultural circumstances instead of others? This contrast from other queries: How is the origin of a specific war explained? This review considers war as a dependent variable, defining it as a large-scale violence between political units. According to Levy, in differentiating war from minor degrees of violence, individuals adopt the Correlates of War Development’s effective condition of at least 1000 battle-associated deaths (Levy 141). Two theories explain the systemic level of war: Realism and liberalism. According to realism, the key

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