The operational improvement plan

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Name: Instructor: Date: The operational improvement plan Introduction This paper looks into the operational improvement as result of data analysis carried out by of A-CAT Company. The company specializes in domestic electrical appliances and has been experiencing inconsistencies in sales of the transformer. Data analysis has been conducted to forecast future shifts in work processes through the use of various statistical tools. The information obtained from the analysis is to be used by both internal and external stakeholders. Analysis plan and justification The analysis plan is of importance to both internal and external stakeholders. It comprises of the quantifiable factors, problem statement and the strategy. From the data analysis transformer sales are low at the beginning and the sales peak at the mid-year. This means that the employees have to work extra hard at the mid-year in order to meet customers demand. The firm should consider internal stakeholders who are the employees by offering them bonuses during the peak. The firm needs to introduce the just in time inventory system so as to produce refrigerators as and when they are required. The ordering system will reduce holding/storage costs since internal stakeholders being the customers will pick their order immediately. It is also important for the firm to ensure they have a proper cash management system so as to ensure funds for production are available during the peak season and the firm is able to run efficiently during the off-peak period. The management can also introduce marketing and promotional strategies during the last two quarters when the sales are low so as to ensure customers are evenly

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