The Obesity in the New Generation

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Name Professor's Name Course Number Date Obesity in New Generation Introduction In simple terms, obesity is defined as a state or a condition of being excessively overweight due to more than the average accumulation of body fats. However, according to this definition, some questions arise as to what value is a body fat considered to be average and how fat is excessive for one to be obese. For example, an obese child may weigh relatively less than a normal adult. Therefore, weight alone does not give enough classificatory parameter. Thus other factors like age, gender, and height should as well be included (Branca 32). This paper explains the assessment, causes, challenges and economic consequences of obesity in the new generation. Assessment of overweight and obesity The criterion for classifying an individual nutritional status is based on the calculated value of body mass index (BMI). There needs to be a proper balance between a person’s body weight and height. People have varying levels of BMI depending on their weight and height. The standard international unit of BMI is Kg/m2 and is known to give values whose range provides a good parameter for classification of nutritional status. The BMI can be thought as an estimation of how much an individual should weigh based on their height. According to Wang, a person is said to be obese if their BMI lies in 30.0-39.9 range (28). Obesity is a term that people use all the time, and in most cases, it is used wrongly. For example, girls who are nowhere near that spectrum may call themselves obese because they just dislike their fat bodies. Overweight, on the other hand, is a BMI value ranging from 25.0-29.9.

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