The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) IMPACTS ON USA, CANADA AND MEXICO

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The North American Free Trade Agreement Name Subject Instructor Date The North American Free Trade Agreement Introduction Trade is an essential ingredient to any economy that seeks sustainability, growth, and development. It is with this fact in mind that resulted in the formation of an economic treaty that joined the three countries economically called the North American Free Trade Agreement. The agreement was a signed treaty that was signed to exist between three countries involving United States of America, Mexico as well as Canada. Such an agreement came into existence on the 1st of January the year was 1994, and it resulted in the creation of a trade that was going to join the three countries. Such an agreement was and is beneficial for the three countries and by extension, affects all other nations on the globe since the three countries seem to be the ones controlling the world's economy. The effects and costs involving the agreement was and gets hugely felt within the three countries, and the impacts cannot get underestimated. The benefits, effects and role the alliance played in the three countries were and remain real in the world economic spheres. Preview The trade agreement was, in essence, the central reason why the trilateral trade came into being and it also marked the beginning of new and revolutionized economic activities in the three countries and world over. The three heads of the three countries came together and gave the agreement an upper hand by giving consent to it including the then sitting president of the United States, George Bush. Among others including the Mexican head, Carlos Salinas alongside with his Canadian prime minister, Brian

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