The New Right

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The New Right 1. The New Right was a movement formed by Christian religious leaders and prominent people in business in America to fight against what they termed as unjust policies by the federal government. The religious leaders were against the new Family Rights introduced by the government. For instance, they accused the government of disrespecting the moral fabrics of the family since they believed the right place for a woman was at home, yet the government was giving the women rights to work as professionals (Trowbridge, 392). They were also against homosexuality rights and abortion terming them as sins against God. This was according to the teachings extracted from the Bible. The business bigwigs, on the other hand, were against the government’s policies to conserve the environment and labor law. For example, these policies were denying them a competitive edge against other global businesses. Consequently, having been brought together by their grievances against the government policies, both the Christian religious leaders and prominent business adopted Barry Goldwater’s ideology that stated the federal government was the greatest threat to American liberty and they combined to form the New Right (Trowbridge, 367). The main messages of the movement were anti-homosexuality, antiabortion and the position of the woman in the society. They were against the labor laws and environment policies put in place by the government. Their main enemy was the big government. They organized demonstrations to oppose government policies and supported anyone who was inclined to their ideologies for a political position while they opposed those against them. Due to their extremism,

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