The New Deal Era

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Name Professor Class 9 December 2016 The New Deal Era Introduction FDR's New Deal was a great idea. FDR had some good ideas to help workers find better-paying jobs. Some of them did, in the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps). The now famous New Deal began as a campaign promise in July 1932. "I pledge you, I pledge myself," FDR declares, "to a new deal for the American people." When Roosevelt took office in March 1933, as much as fifty percent of America's workforce was either underemployed or unemployed. Roosevelt acted promptly on developing a plan for putting people back to work. These plans are called "The New Deal Alphabet Agencies," and engaged millions in constructing and repairing America's infrastructure and produce more culture and works of art (FDR, 1). Victories 1933 was a busy year for FDR. He works with Congress to restore the country's faith in the banking system. Congress ends Prohibition. The Gold Standard ends. FDR moves the plan forward for the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) and puts a quarter million unemployed back to work. FDR is also responsible for the Fair Labor Act in which standards for minimum wages and how many hours employees could work without getting overtime. He created the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) that sets the basis of Union power. It also set up a forum to settle disputes between different unions. FDR was also responsible for the NWLB (National War Labor Board) which underwrote the wartime expansion of new unions. These were a good start. Progress takes the time to mature, and some of that was lacking in patience. Failures In FDR’s Folly (1), Folsom and Powell clarify “The New Deal spending failed to

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