The Nature Of The Juvenile Justice System Process

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The subject of this article is the nature of the juvenile justice system process and the trends it has taken over the years. Furthermore, alternatives measures in place in dealing with juvenile offenders is also a primary matter in this article. It is seen that until the 1970s, the juvenile justice system employed the use of training schools to be able to rehabilitate and bring reformed individuals back into the society. In 1971, the then head of the “Department of Youth Services” (DYS), Jerome Miller, took it upon himself in the state of Massachusetts to remove most of the youths from state-owned facilities and placed them in institutions which were being run by the community. To this very day, the juvenile justice system still upholds the same measures to deal with juvenile offenders in the state. Due to this the relapse into crime as compared to other states such as “California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Wisconsin” has been seen to be lower. After almost more than a decade into the Massachusetts experiment, the issue of the most effective way of dealing with high-rated juvenile offenders is still lingering in people’s minds. It is seen that Maryland made an attempt to implement the ingenious Massachusetts experiment with the shutdown of “Montrose Training School” which was one of the juvenile institutions operated by the state. It was observed that youths who were to be taken to the facility had higher recidivism rates compared to those who had completed in the program or were present during its closing. Even though states are being urged to adopt the Massachusetts experiment, most of the states, for example, California which stands out, still

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