The Myth of Missing Black Fathers

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The Myth of Missing Black Fathers I would like to summarize Robert L. Cole’s and Charles Green’s The Myth of Missing Black Fathers. The book explores that men in black families are rarely involved with the up bring off their children, or in other words, women in black families are more involved with raising children, and the father figure is almost always absent. The book captures several research data done on different manifestations which single parenthood, non-marital cohabitation, and father figures in the society that are not necessarily the biological fathers, noncustodial visitation among others. Basing its argument on the facts on this research the, book dismisses the stereotype as some of the research points out that black father. Just like in any other race, are very present in the upbringing of a child though in an informal way such as non-biological father figures in the society like step-fathers, grandfathers and other community figures like teachers and coaches. It also disagrees with the perception that black fathers are not strong in parenting. This is because research has shown that households with tend to have the least number of school dropouts and unwanted pregnancies. (a) Next allow me to identify a quote or scene for the assignment that ‘moved me.' The quote is “black men father children but seldom are fathers." This quote can be found on page 329 in Article 44 by Roberta L. Coles and Charles Green. The author is stating a stereotypic statement that is very common in the society. I was moved by this quote because I believe fathering a child does not necessarily make you a father and doesn't guarantee someone to be called a father. To win the

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