The Mother Hips Live Performance

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The Mother Hips Live Performance Based in the San Francisco Area, The Mother Hips is a rock band that is made up of Tim Bluhm, Greg Loiacono, John Hofer and Scott Thunes (Hips 12). The band was formed in 1990 by its original members among them Paul Hoaglin. Their concert at Harlow’s Sacramento was one of their best ever performance. Being part of the audience, the experience I had was one of the best I have ever had in a musical concert. The music performed was soft rock (Cateforis 11). I have been a fan of soft rock music, more specifically, The Mother Hips rock band for a long time. In their concert, I took note of very many aspects of the concert. These aspects include the performance itself, the performers and the instruments, the musical aspect, the reaction of the audience, the ambiance and the décor of the venue, the analysis of the first four songs performed as well as my general experience at the concert. As such, this paper shall focus on these aspects to come up with a report of the whole concert. First, this being a well known and loved rock band both locally and internationally, the performers were well recognized by the audience (Robins 21). All they needed to do was to boost up their poise by picking up the musical instruments, in this case their guitars, and start the performance. They started by testing with the several musical notes as the crowd cheered them up. Tim Bluhm, the lead singer in the band, started by setting the mood. He stepped forward to introduce the first song of the concert. The ambiance of the concert was calm and people sat down at their tables with their drinks contrary to other concerts where people stand to dance to the tunes.

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