The Most Important Aspects Of Communication

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Summary of the chapter Listening is one of the most important aspects of communication. One of the most important things that need to be noted is the fact that listening and hearing is not one and the same thing. This process usually involves cognitive, behavioral and complex processes. Listening might at times come out as a very challenging process; this comes along with the three most important challenges of active listening. Listening apprehension is a major problem which does include the anxiety that is present during the process of looking. The preferred listening style also comes out as a challenge towards the whole listening process which does include the idea that in each concept of listening, there are always different listening styles that each member can deploy. The last challenge that is faced is the processing approach that each person tries to use over the issue; this usually means that in such a case, the person processing the information will be the one to come out with the interpretation which is also a very vital part of the whole procedure that is involved. Active listening is always paramount for any form of information to come through; it is crucial to note that any good listener for he/she to be successful in whatever message they get, they have to get out as being active listeners as such. The most important ones that can be noted is the aspect of attending and understanding which has to be looked at whenever any form of the message is relayed. The person who is hearing must make sure that they get to understand the message that is being carried across if they are to be said that they are indeed part of the listening process. If there is no form of

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