The moral status of the fetus in abortion

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The moral status of the fetus in abortion Name: Course: The moral status of the fetus in abortion Part 1A Issues surrounding the fetus and abortion have been debated in the past, with more emphasis placed on the validity of the subject. It is a contentious issue which has ethical principles attached to it hence its important in the modern world. This topic matters a lot in the contemporary society because the fetus status has had controversial view points from both doctors and philosophers. Doctors have been divided on the issue and most of them view the worth status of the fetus as being vital before a human being is born (Giubilini & Minerva, 2013). Christians on the other hand, view the fetus as life that is being generated hence the need to preserve it to maturity. For them, there is a need to have respect and justice for all fetuses because they are at the point where they are developing into being something after some period. All these issues not only make the topic important but also provide some insights which need some more discussion and literature. The topic on matters because it clearly presents various conflicting issues which need to be understood and clarified for purposes of coming up with a common consensus which can be used both in research and also in the medical field where the idea is usually centered. The two main points that often get more attention include the idea of whether the fetus is a being and the idea of abortion during this stage. The topic requires more attention to making both those in the medical field and the people in general to understand the idea of a fetus and its importance as a stage of human growth. Part 1B The

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