The Mexican Immigrant and Mexican American Generations

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Name Instructor Course Date The Mexican Immigrant, and Mexican American Generations At the start of the 19th century, the white Americans started deporting their Anglo-Saxon believing that they were inferior, from the Africans Americans to Mexicans who they believed were a barrier to evolution. Their arguments evidently show the racism, and the representatives argued that the Mexicans were lazy and would most likely be criminals. The farmers contended that their mental capacity was low, only fit for repetitive labor on the farms (McWilliams 171). The outcome of these discriminatory views was the restitution and a banishment undertaking of the 1930s. The following paper explains how the discrimination impacted the lives of Mexican immigrants and the Mexican-Americans living in the US throughout the beginning of the 20th century. It also compares and contrasts how the Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans responded to such forms of discrimination and prejudice. It describes the developments and fights for justice and equality. The Americans viewed the Mexicans as inferior, fit for only hard labor under harsh conditions that no white man would do (McWilliams 171). They were never to get employed regardless of the skills they had. This exposed them to poor living conditions, and they were financially poor to afford a better residence. Only the minority prospered. The discrimination denied them jobs, and they could only afford to live in the ghettos and barrios in the towns (Vargas 235). Some traveled all the way to the country as migrant labor, depending on farm produce. The discrimination led to their families being used as the center of production. Their women

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